Online reputation management (ORM) is defined as taking control of the online conversation. In this type of techniques and strategies business owners ensure that people find the right materials when they look for content regarding your product and services of yours on the Internet.

The purpose of online reputation management is to create a good reputation for the people counteract misleading trends, and allow you to put your best foot forward. As the name defines online reputation management means how the companies make their reputation in the market to sustain the visibility of companies among the costumer. It not only brings visibility among customers but as we know the customers want best when they are paying, so they want the best value by companies so customers see what the services are given by the best companies and what is the ranking of that companies among that competitors companies.

there are two type cycle of online reputation

Vicious Cycle: in this, if you are ignoring the online reputation management in business then you are taking the risk with your business and as the result, you cannot judge the position of your business among your competitors.

Virtuous Cycle: in this, you see your reputation of your company with other competitors of the same categories of your business and increase your facilities constantly to increase your ranking among other companies.

why online reputation management is important:

as if I say the online reputation management was important before 15 to20 years back you will probably say no yes this is correct because there was no influence of the internet. The people of that age were ranking the companies regarding the conversation among each other but today the people do not trust anybody so the only way to get information about companies is they go for the internet. Two out of three people see the Internet as the most dependable source of information about a person or services of a business. with each passing day, the internet and online world is becoming more and more addiction with the rest of our activities. From smartphones to smart TVs, and laptops and any other internet devices from the “Internet of things” to the self-driving cars of the future—you are living each day increasing online, wheater you have not touch a computer.

That means there are more and more ways for you to leave an online mark, positive or negative.

Your online reputation is forever

If someone writes something negative about you and your business online, it can put your business at a serious problem in the long term—especially if you’re not aware of the online reputation of your business.if your reputation is going low day by day it will affect your business and there will be less supply and demand of your services and the revenue of your business will automatically decrease. in a simple way the positive reputation is directly proportional to profit of company and negative reputation is inversely proportional to profit of company You might never know why you didn’t get that fortune that you wanted, or why a job offer never materialized after that phenomenal interview.


Media Buyers are the singular responsible for purchasing time and advertising space for advertising. In simple words Media buying can also be referred to as screen advertising on devices, is when an advertisement image is placed on a website, network of websites, or an advertising network for the.


Media buying is an important part of marketing the product and is associated with “paid” media space and timeslots so that the ads placed in media can be viewed by the maximum number of targeted audience. … The media purchasers maintain positive and nurturing relationships with various important channel owners.this was not so popular in earlies but for today’s generation, it is the most important part of business and entrepreneurship. Social network advertising, also social media targeting, is a group of terms that are used to describe forms of online advertising that focus on networking services. … With social media targeting, advertisements are distributed to users based on information gathered from target group profiles and this is helpful for the marketer to handle the amount of traffic according to their amount of paying on advertisement. the media buyer looks for the main thing which is a Snapshot Look at a Career in Media Buying. Media buyers negotiate, purchase and monitor advertising space and airtime on behalf of their clients. In short, it is about gaining maximum traffic or customers for minimum cost. It is also still very much an essential form of media communication.it is helpful for cost-effective and customer generating more in number.

what is the job of media buyer

Duties of a Media Buyer

A media buyer is responsible for getting desirable timeslots and media space for advertising for clients. … These professionals have a bachelor’s degree and have skills in product placement and selling, communication, and advertising, as well as business mindset.they not only know the job to how to place a bid in placing timeslots and placing advertisement slot but are good in business tactics how to place the bid.




Identify Target Audience, and Decide and make plan how to Reach It

First, get a clear picture of where the customers are, and know who they are. Distribute your audience into sections such as demographics, age, gender, social and marital status, area, city, country), behavior (interests, hobbies) and other groups to understand with whom you are dealing. After getting to know your audience habit and what they want, try to find similarities and patterns to get an idea of the target audience or people who may be interested in your product or service. After identifying the target group, think about the way to reach those people. Where do they go, which means where they go for their use the most or where they go for shopping online the most, How do they shop? Do they buy online or come directly to the offline shop. If you plan to advertise on-line, think about channels to reach potential customers: search engine ads, website, blog advertisements and social network platform.


mobile marketing is the strategy of marketing the business or your products through the help of mobile or smartphone and tablet to a selected audience at a balance cost between you.

website, SMS, MMS videos social media and apps are leveraged to disseminate the information on business to create awareness to integral audience, increase visibility of the product and services leading to conversations.

why mobile marketing?

:- mobile marketing is more personalized which means the mobile is the

device that is permanently is with customers.

:- mobile-friendly website on rise.

:- un app market is growing to unprecedented levels.

:-the customer search more in smartphone than desktop or laptop.

:-more customer buy or take the facilities or services of the product

through their mobile.

:-their are much browsing in mobile than any other devices.

:-you can access the browser in any operating system whether it is android or windows.

benefits of mobile marketing !!!!!!!!

:- mobile is a personally carried

:- consumer can be identified individually

:- build-in payment mechanisms

:- more emails are read and answered from mobile.

:- mobile triggered instant reaction.

:-conversion rate is high on smartphone

:-unprecedented growth

future prediction of mobile marketing:-

mobile marketing is the future, millions of mobiles are sold every year and the text messaging is the most popular form of communication and 50% of the local search are done on the mobile devices, this means people are looking for product and services and after buying the product and services the customer also get coupons . as survey shows 29%of mobile users are willing to scan a mobile tag to get coupons, provides instant coupon directly to your customer’s mobile devices.

need for mobile marketing:-

Design and development

Advanced technologies

Wide range of product and services

Excellent customers services

Proven marketing strategies and resources


what are the goals or conclusion of mobile marketing


The idea of defining any effective strategy is to first decide what and how the success looks like. Get the idea from stakeholders togetherly to design or locate your mobile marketing strategy. Identify the results or aim by asking your team some of these questions:

  • What are we currently doing with our mobiles? This will define your starting point, and make sure everyone is on the same page as you begin.
  1. If you are already doing mobile marketing, how are those innovative perform? This conversation will know what is already working and what is not working, and what’s not is being measured.
  2. What is your main purpose for including mobile marketing in your overall strategy in business or product and services? Discuss why you’re considering mobile now, what conversations have led up to this point, and what do you expect from mobile marketing.
  3. Who are your key customers for mobile marketing? Talk about your customer personalities in light of mobile usage updates. How similar or different is each persona uses her o his mobile.
  4. How are you engaging your mobile audience to your business? This discussion will help you to analyze how the channels you’re currently using can be included in your mobile marketing strategy.


The term e-commerce was introduced back in the 1960s, with the growth of electronic commerce – the buying and selling of goods through the transmission of data – which was made possible by the introduction of the electronic data interchange.

E-commerce has become one of the most popular methods of making money online and an attractive opportunity for investors and also it is easy to use for customers. For those interested in buying an e-commerce business, this article serves to provide an introduction to e-commerce, covering the reason for its popularity, the main distribution models and a comparison of the major e-commerce platforms available.

If you are interested in valuing or selling an e-commerce business, please take a look at our How to Value and Sell and E-Commerce Business article.

‘E-commerce’ and ‘online shopping’ are often used interchangeably but at its core e-commerce is much broader than this – it embodies a concept for doing business online, incorporating a multitude of different services e.g. making online payments, booking flights, etc.

why do people buy online

  1. E-commerce has experienced fast growth since its humble beginnings with e-commerce sales projected to over2 billion USD by 2017. The power of e-commerce should not be underestimated as it continues to pervade everyday life and present significant opportunity for small, medium and large businesses and online investors. You don’t need to look far to see the potential of e-commerce businesses. Amazon, for example, which set the standard for customer-orientated websites as well as a lean supply chain, has been seen to sell more than 426 items per second. Lower Prices: Managing an online storefront is far cheaper than an offline, brick and mortar store. Typically less staff are required to manage an online shop as web-based management systems enable owners to automate inventory management and warehousing is not necessarily required (as we discuss later). As such, e-commerce business owners can afford to pass operational cost savings on to consumers (in the form of product or service discounts) whilst protecting their overall margin. Furthermore, with the rise of price comparison websites, consumers have more transparency concerning prices and can shop around, typically purchasing from online outlets instead.
  2. Accessibility and Convenience: Unlike many offline stores, consumers can access e-commerce websites 24 hours a day. Customers can read about services, browse products and place orders whenever they wish. In that sense, online shopping is extremely convenient and gives the consumer more control. Furthermore, those living in more remote areas can order from their home at the touch of a button, saving them time traveling to a shopping center.
  3. Wider Choice: For the past twenty years, the growth of online shopping has to a large extent been based around increased choice. With an almost endless choice of brands and products to choose from, consumers are not limited by the availability of specific products in their local town, city or country. Items can be sourced and shipped globally. Interestingly, one recent study found that consumers are starting to become frustrated by e-commerce sites that offer too much choice. Whichever way you look at it though, more choice has likely been a good thing over the long term.

why do business sell online

  1. Higher Margins: Setup costs and ongoing operational costs such as rent, heating, electricity, warehousing (if operating a drop-ship model) and inventory management are often significantly reduced or otherwise eliminated. Further, customer service and other administrative tasks can be automated or outsourced at a relatively low-cost. As such, higher margins can usually be achieved when selling via an online store compared to operating an offline business.
  2. Scalability: With a brick and mortar business, the owner is often limited by the amount of people who can physically be in the store at any one time. There is no limit when trading online. Running an e-commerce business means tapping into a truly global market. Furthermore, online platforms enable rapid scaling. With the emergence of social media and content marketing as well as the option of generating traffic and conversions through pay-per-click (PPC), expanding into new regions or markets can happen quickly. A great example of this in practice is Choxi, a business that experienced 1,023% growth in revenue in just one year.
  3. Consumer Insight / Technology: E-commerce businesses typically collate a tremendous amount of customer data. With every element of consumer behavior being tracked, e-commerce business owners are able to understand, tweak and improve the customer shopping experience for customers – making data-led decisions to increase conversion rates and sales. With technology rapidly evolving, it is important that online retailers use tools such as Google Analytics correctly to understand their customers’ buying habits, unlocking insight from this data presents a unique advantage, not available to offline stores. Those who leverage the right systems and technology can see their businesses grow extremely quickly




what is website creation or web designing? it is the formation and planning of website building. web creation is the first procedure for planing and implementing that plans for web site creation web creation is as similar to making up your own house as in house we make plans and then create that how the house should look like then we focus on appearance of home that how would be the wall and color of the walls and then we instal the looks which is called plugins in website they are the external part of the house from which the house explains itself that what we are.so this is same as our website we create designing then make appearance and then add plugins .then we have to put contents .their are three types of content which are responsible for making a website as what shows what kind of you are and your As we know that web design is the most important integral part of any website without web design or web planning the website will not like genuine or pure professional without web designing, you may promote ads and bring traffic to your website but the people will not be there for long time into your website because of irregular web designing of the website, so it is very important to create an attractive website.web designing is the structure of your web site the word itself defines web development which means doing and making plans for your website creation.

WEB PLANNING: web planning is made before the web creation. This is the main important work of the website.In this, the website framework is planned that how would the website looks like and be implemented.


WEB FORMATION: After planning the website the next work is to implement the plan on the website. We make the best web formation to explore your website and bring traffic to your website.


WORDPRESS FORMATION: After planning and formation of the website next door is of WordPress.In this, we start implementing work on the website and customize the website. WordPress helps to customize the website as your choice.


CAMPAIGN PROCCES: This process is done when your website is planned and implemented on WordPress and explored between audience and let them make traffic to your website.



WHAT IS CONTENT MARKETING? content marketing is a way of exploration of your business in a written way through your website. It is the simplest way of expanding your business. this type of marketing contains tree type of forms which contains video, photo and text ways video blogs and social media post as social media is an integral part of content marketing, etc. It does not mean to promote products or services but it brings the interest of the customer to your product and services. content marketing is strategic marketing to approach on focus of valuable interest relevant and consistency to retain quality audience and ultimately profit to business as content marketing is used by leading brands which means the content marketing is used by the brands which have many number of audience .content marketing is good for bottom line of any business and your customers the three main reason for content marketing one for better sale, cost-saving,better customers who had more loyalty and the content marketing is present and future ways of marketing as good marketing is impossible without content in website . Content marketing uses blogs, podcasts, video, and social media sites as a vehicle to operate the business to build traffic. Copywriters write attractive headlines, persuasive landing pages, and conversion-driven emails.

they are two different things, right?

In any online marketing strategy, they work together.

Content marketing is being used by 86% of businesses today. But effective content marketing? Not so easy to find.

Effective content marketing tackling all the effective power of the best copywriting

  • When you use proven copywriting method to create your online content, you’ll find readers will: Subscribe to your content
  • Share it with others

Repeat this many times over and you’ll have a permanent audience for your online business.

There’s a big audience out there for almost every topic. But there’s the same amount of companies and brands challenging for them.

  • You need the right concept to stand out, stay on top, and keep growing your base. It helps to improve among you and customers because it allows you to connect with the audience and educate your clients and customers. Not only are you working to build trust in relationships, but you are also encouraged conversions by giving consumers the information they need to make an educated and as we know how the content marketing is effective to customers, because content marketing is effective, easy to start, and popular among consumers, it can directly reduce the money of digital marketers spend on advertising for their product and services. It manages to do all of this while being more successful than traditional marketing. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CONTENT MARKETING? Increases exploration of your brand.
  • Develops permanent relationships with your audience.
  • Improves brand awareness and recognition among the people.
  • Creates better connection and trust, with both your current customers and prospects.
  • Helps you to build authority and credibility business
  • Positions your business as an expandable way among the audience
  • helps in generating traffic to your website
  • opens a media to communicate with the audience and helping their problems
  • helps to buy the product more quickly by customers.


  • Knowing your goals for content marketing
  • Being able to focus on a specific target audience and understand their challenges
  • Having much time and resources to produce the content your target is looking for
  • Developing a content plan that provides the direction for what type of content is to put into your website
  • Writing content with clarity and clearness
  • Not know what content to produce and in what formation
  • Not knowing where to post your content
  • Lack of Producing quality content consistently




What is digital marketing?, before knowing what is digital marketing we should know the meaning of digital and marketing differently. If we see the different types of definitions of digital and marketing .as we see that digital is defined as gadgets like mobile, laptop all other gadgets like and marketing means to explore business and products and services of that business. this is the better way of marketing rather than the traditional way of marketing in this type of marketing we can bring more traffic to our services and product for good sales. in this type of marketing, we don’t need to go for marketing the product door to door of any home and there will not be much cost than the traditional way of marketing and the main advantage of digital marketing is that it is much effective than the traditional way of marketing. this type of marketing is now becoming the trend of marketing hence the government is also indulging in making of digital India in this type of marketing the doers are less and companies are more so there is a benefit of this for candidate who are doing and making their skills for digital marketing so the companies could hire you more easily. there is more probability of growing the digital marketing agencies and are a more effective way of marketing .now we should move for how digital marketing helps in business in the exploration of companies. In digital marketing the business is expanded through the help of online marketing or digital marketing .this is helped by digital gadgets In simple terms, this is a form of marketing that exists online, and when it’s offline, it’s traditional marketing. In essence, this type of advertising joins and advertising on an online platform. The basic principles, values ​​and marketing strategies of traditional marketing are always better at this innovative phase. Customer behavior and demographic goal seem to be more visible through digital marketing. This digital advertising offers all sorts of internet marketing but focuses on digital media.

SEO and SMM is just two type of digital marketing and digital Advertising App is another good choice for digital marketing.

Many sources can be used to promote a company’s products and services, including websites, mobile devices, instant messaging, and text messaging, email marketing. Also, the digital way of this type of marketing is considered one of the most profitable advertising media of marketing. Digital marketing provides businesses with accurate, perfect time results. With digital marketing, you’ll measure and analyze the return of your marketing task. The systematic settings provide a clear idea of how your websites are validated within the circumstances of the digital market. With digital marketing, you’ll be able to analyze the range of people who visit your website in real-time using a form of analysis programs. You’ll be able to see the traffic to your visits, the number of pages visited, the device accustomed to accessing the pages, and also the location. With this intelligence, you’ll be able to place your marketing channels based on the number of audience accessing your website through these channels.

With digital marketing, so you can identify trends and innovations that influence people to their buyer’s journey. Based on the information, you’ll be able to make informed decisions concerning your strategy to draw in more customers to your website.