mobile marketing is the strategy of marketing the business or your products through the help of mobile or smartphone and tablet to a selected audience at a balance cost between you.

website, SMS, MMS videos social media and apps are leveraged to disseminate the information on business to create awareness to integral audience, increase visibility of the product and services leading to conversations.

why mobile marketing?

:- mobile marketing is more personalized which means the mobile is the

device that is permanently is with customers.

:- mobile-friendly website on rise.

:- un app market is growing to unprecedented levels.

:-the customer search more in smartphone than desktop or laptop.

:-more customer buy or take the facilities or services of the product

through their mobile.

:-their are much browsing in mobile than any other devices.

:-you can access the browser in any operating system whether it is android or windows.

benefits of mobile marketing !!!!!!!!

:- mobile is a personally carried

:- consumer can be identified individually

:- build-in payment mechanisms

:- more emails are read and answered from mobile.

:- mobile triggered instant reaction.

:-conversion rate is high on smartphone

:-unprecedented growth

future prediction of mobile marketing:-

mobile marketing is the future, millions of mobiles are sold every year and the text messaging is the most popular form of communication and 50% of the local search are done on the mobile devices, this means people are looking for product and services and after buying the product and services the customer also get coupons . as survey shows 29%of mobile users are willing to scan a mobile tag to get coupons, provides instant coupon directly to your customer’s mobile devices.

need for mobile marketing:-

Design and development

Advanced technologies

Wide range of product and services

Excellent customers services

Proven marketing strategies and resources


what are the goals or conclusion of mobile marketing


The idea of defining any effective strategy is to first decide what and how the success looks like. Get the idea from stakeholders togetherly to design or locate your mobile marketing strategy. Identify the results or aim by asking your team some of these questions:

  • What are we currently doing with our mobiles? This will define your starting point, and make sure everyone is on the same page as you begin.
  1. If you are already doing mobile marketing, how are those innovative perform? This conversation will know what is already working and what is not working, and what’s not is being measured.
  2. What is your main purpose for including mobile marketing in your overall strategy in business or product and services? Discuss why you’re considering mobile now, what conversations have led up to this point, and what do you expect from mobile marketing.
  3. Who are your key customers for mobile marketing? Talk about your customer personalities in light of mobile usage updates. How similar or different is each persona uses her o his mobile.
  4. How are you engaging your mobile audience to your business? This discussion will help you to analyze how the channels you’re currently using can be included in your mobile marketing strategy.

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