Online reputation management (ORM) is defined as taking control of the online conversation. In this type of techniques and strategies business owners ensure that people find the right materials when they look for content regarding your product and services of yours on the Internet.

The purpose of online reputation management is to create a good reputation for the people counteract misleading trends, and allow you to put your best foot forward. As the name defines online reputation management means how the companies make their reputation in the market to sustain the visibility of companies among the costumer. It not only brings visibility among customers but as we know the customers want best when they are paying, so they want the best value by companies so customers see what the services are given by the best companies and what is the ranking of that companies among that competitors companies.

there are two type cycle of online reputation

Vicious Cycle: in this, if you are ignoring the online reputation management in business then you are taking the risk with your business and as the result, you cannot judge the position of your business among your competitors.

Virtuous Cycle: in this, you see your reputation of your company with other competitors of the same categories of your business and increase your facilities constantly to increase your ranking among other companies.

why online reputation management is important:

as if I say the online reputation management was important before 15 to20 years back you will probably say no yes this is correct because there was no influence of the internet. The people of that age were ranking the companies regarding the conversation among each other but today the people do not trust anybody so the only way to get information about companies is they go for the internet. Two out of three people see the Internet as the most dependable source of information about a person or services of a business. with each passing day, the internet and online world is becoming more and more addiction with the rest of our activities. From smartphones to smart TVs, and laptops and any other internet devices from the “Internet of things” to the self-driving cars of the future—you are living each day increasing online, wheater you have not touch a computer.

That means there are more and more ways for you to leave an online mark, positive or negative.

Your online reputation is forever

If someone writes something negative about you and your business online, it can put your business at a serious problem in the long term—especially if you’re not aware of the online reputation of your business.if your reputation is going low day by day it will affect your business and there will be less supply and demand of your services and the revenue of your business will automatically decrease. in a simple way the positive reputation is directly proportional to profit of company and negative reputation is inversely proportional to profit of company You might never know why you didn’t get that fortune that you wanted, or why a job offer never materialized after that phenomenal interview.

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